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Anti-Money Laundering


A set of ongoing policy initiatives are being developed for delivery to the following stakeholders in the fight against money laundering in Nigeria and West Africa in general.

Policies are divided with respect to the target entities:

i.  Law Enforcement Agencies participation with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)

ii.  Financial Intelligence Units of banks participation with the forum

iii.  Legislative arms of the Nigerian Government and Politicians in support of anti-corruption actions

The forum also decided to pursue work related to promoting investigative journalism within Nigeria and other ECOWAS member states with the aim of achieving a significant improvement in the interest, skills and network of the target audience within a timeframe of 2017 – 2020. Workshops and seminars are planned for investigative journalism veterans, publishers and hobbyists to strengthen the quota of their activities against money laundering (ML).

Grassroot communities mobilization and education against all channels and vices of ML have already kicked off in 2017 with more social awareness and community meetings to be organized for the same purpose every year.

Development of a comprehensive database is in progress to assist in the monitoring and reporting of actions taken or planned by members of AML/CSO Network on the fight against ML is in progress. This will allow effective knowledge sharing across the west african regional network.

Knowledge and data gathering programme has been commissioned to explore and report new methods of ML relating to crypto assets and consider any measures warranted at this stage to tackle the challenges to be encountered.