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What We Do


Our main task as a network of CSOs is to develop and use relevant tools and knowledge to effectively fight against money laundering and terrorism financing within the West African region.

In addition to this; we are positioned to achieve the following objectives:

1. use our influence as CSOs to eradicate Money Laundering and Financing Terrorism (ML/FT) at economical, political and social levels

2. collaborate with relevant stakeholders such as banks, financial intelligence units and law enforcement agencies in exposing the dangers and channels of ML/FT to the society

3. influence extensive policies to curb money laundering and financing terrorism by involving the masses, legislators and political authorities in all ECOWAS member states

4. ensure working knowledge and best practices used in tackling ML/FT are constantly shared and updated among ECOWAS Member States CSOs Network

5. enhance the capacity of members in tackling the menace of     money laundering (ML) and financing of terrorism (FT) in their communities and countries

6. channel the influence of member CSOs in respective states, countries and the regional body to eradicating ML and FT at economic, political and social levels

7. advocate for an anti-fraud desk in every Government Agency, Bank, every business establishment in Nigeria